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  • RESEARCH: Family Tree Missing A Branch?

    Is geographic distance keeping you from capturing a special photo of a family home, farm, school building, grave site, business, church, historic marker, or a favorite location? Order a digital or paper copy of your image from sites within the Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington DC, Florida or Louisiana areas. High resolution, digital photos and certificate of authenticity are available by email, CD, paper print or any combination of those options. Documentation research conducted on a local, national, or international level. Contact HISTOGRAMS for a quote on these or other related services.
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  • Looking for Someone? Are they history? Click the “?” to search.

    Search 60.8 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:
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Local Historical Societies

If you are a intent on researching your ancestors, consider joining your local historical society. Membership can offer you so many benefits.

1. Meetings lead to meeting others and networking can result in an informational hint you’d never receive any place else.

2. Awareness of local, state, and national workshops or conferences. Salt Lake City is mecca to those of us who partake in this venture. So many organizations structure events there or other exciting locations.

3. Newsletters inform you of lectures being held nearby.

4. You discover the endless connectivity of the organizations which are out there waiting for you, or the one that is waiting for your to charter it.

5. There are many more, but it really depends on you and your level of involvement. Go out there and participate!

Meanwhile, please join us for Ancestry Adventures on the online channel: NorthernLightsRadio.Com  on Wednesday, September 3, at 8:00 PM.

Can’t make the show time? Not a problem. Listen to all past shows posted on the radio web site under Ancestry Adventures.

You are also able to download them and listen to them like a podcast.  We’ll keep a candle in the window.

Logo for the radio show


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