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Mr. and Mrs. George Washington’s Wills and Testaments

George and Martha Washington’s wills are held by Fairfax County, Virginia’s Circuit Court. Both wills are posted as well as the transcriptions.  The clerk has posted a most wonderfully rich background which I found highly engaging. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.


Whenever I think of George Washington’s familial history, it reminds me of a humorous time when a person was doing their level best to impress me.  During our conversation, he dropped a gem hoping to bowl me over. “You know, I am a direct descender of George Washington.”   Responding, I informed him that I was impressed more than he would ever know. Considering George never had any children of his own, that was quite an accomplishment.

Many people make claims such as this. Sometimes it is because of a false impression; faulty information; or because they think their audience is not as knowledgeable as they are. It can be sad witnessing it; but, it can also be entertaining.



Contact Histograms for professional genealogy research and photography. We are experienced in researching family histories and photographing key locations.

Photographs of familial homes, important landmarks, and burial locations offer intimate details when preparing histories.  Researching is also a specialty of ours.

As a tip, photos you already own or are in the possession of a family member can open unanticipated doors to otherwise overlooked information.

Think about future generations and what they may be able to investigate about your picture trove. Are they documented with dates, the event, and names of people or places? Have you printed copies or are they all on your computer?

Consider taking a look at what you have while keeping an open mind as to what they might be attempting to reveal.


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